Guide to Services

Guide to Services


This guide was developed to help HJF customers—faculty of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU), other military researchers and health care providers, collaborators and HJF employees—to use HJF services most effectively. Information about HJF research sponsors, as well as HJF research locations, can be found at

HJF supports many types of research programs, ranging from small benchtop projects to complex, multi-site clinical programs. Researchers in the military medical community can apply through HJF for grants, cooperative agreements or contracts from NIH, other government agencies and private sponsors.

This guide is organized by project type, and has sections on each of HJF's major service areas. Due to the complex and ever-changing nature of research and education administration, the contents of this guide are subject to change. Please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns.

HJF and USU: Partners in Progress

HJF works side-by-side with researchers from USU on more than 300 research projects each year. HJF has more than 350 employees at USU who provide direct support to research programs there. HJF supports several programs at the University, including a fellowship program.

HJF supports pre- and post-award research activities at USU, including hiring personnel, buying supplies, arranging travel and more. These research administration services are detailed in this guide for various types of projects. HJF works in close collaboration with the University's Research Administration Office, especially for pre-award services.

This guide notes where University customers have specific or unique procedures that relate only to USU researchers and faculty. Research conducted at USU is referred to as "on-site" research, as opposed to "off-site" research.