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Research Management & Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is an investigator- or sponsor-initiated study using a study drug or study device on a human subject. All clinical trials involve human use, but not all human use studies are clinical trials. HJF has extensive experience managing clinical trials in the military medical community, including Phase I-IV, single- and multi-site trials. Our responsive and focused infrastructure enables you to accomplish your research goals quickly and cost effectively.

As an HJF customer, you have access to our extensive research support services. Our Research Management Office and Clinical Trials Department provides personal assistance to help minimize administrative burdens.

This section will guide you through the pre- and post-award activities associated with clinical trials.

Because of the unique nature of clinical trials and their funding, all hiring, purchasing and travel requests should go through the Research Management Office or to the Clinical Trials Department. Please contact the department directly for further information.

Registering a Clinical Trial

PIs of government-funded clinical studies are encouraged to register their studies with the service In September 2004, the members of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) implemented a requirement that PIs or other responsible parties register their clinical trials with this NIH system as a prerequisite for publication of research findings.

The goal of the registry is to foster a comprehensive, publicly available database of clinical trials. The registry also provides a mechanism to thank clinical trial participants and to let them know that the information that accrues from these studies is part of the public record, where it is available to guide decisions about patient care.