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Close a Clinical Trial


HJF's Financial Planning Department monitors your clinical research program and, upon its completion, initiates the transfer of any remaining fund balance from private sponsors into a Multiple-source/private account, called an "M" account. You will be given only one "M" account that will consolidate proceeds from future closed clinical trials or other private funds. If Facilities & Administrative (F&A/indirect) costs were charged upon initial receipt of the money in the clinical trial account, they will not be charged again in the "M" account.

You will receive a letter from the Finance Department providing your balance and new account number. An accounting report detailing expenditures, receipts and remaining balance will be available to you on HJFOnline.

"M" account funds may used for the following (subject to further University regulation):

  • Education and training
  • Honoraria
  • Equipment and office supplies
  • Research (in this case, funds are transferred to a research account and all necessary approvals must be obtained)

The Clinical Trials Department administers these accounts and staff members are available to assist you with spending your residual funds.

Federally funded clinical trials are closed out in accordance with the terms of the award.


Employees working on a terminating clinical trial may be transferred to another of your research projects, if appropriate, or the employee may apply for other positions within the Foundation. In some cases, it is necessary to terminate their employment. Whenever possible the Foundation will give the employee a minimum of 30 days' notice, but will try to give 60 days' notice.

As soon as you know that employment will have to be terminated, complete and submit a Personnel Action form (HJF #220) for each employee concerned. On the form, note the effective termination date. The Human Resources Department will issue a termination letter to the employee.