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Clinical Trials FAQs

I have been contacted by a sponsor who wants to initiate a clinical trial. What should I do?

You or the sponsor should contact our Research Management Office or Clinical Trials Department. We will provide instructions on how to proceed.

I would like to initiate a clinical trial as part of my own research. What should I do?

Call the Research Management Office or Clinical Trials Department for more information on how we can help you find a sponsor. Please have ready a protocol or synopsis and a rough idea of the necessary funding level so we can better assist you.

What are some of the things trial sponsors look for when conducting site selections?

Costs, rate of patient accrual and quality of data management are all key to site selection. PIs who demonstrate skill, experience, enthusiasm and depth of resources are more appealing to sponsors.

How do indirect costs affect monies available for research?

Indirect costs, which cover the cost of our services (such as providing administrative support and operating facilities), are negotiated between HJF and the sponsor. They are an add-on to requested funding, so they do not affect monies available for research.

When will my application be ready for IRB review?

Please allow a minimum of one week for us to package your application for IRB review. Contact your clinical trials administrator for specific information about your application.

How do I ensure that the sponsor releases payments promptly?

Patient tracking is key to payment. Completing patient tracking paperwork in a timely manner allows us to invoice sponsors. We will provide you with a study-specific spreadsheet to assist you with this task.

What happens to remaining funds when my trial is over?

We will transfer your funds into a multiple-source/private account, or "M" account. The finance department will notify you in writing of the account number and balance. Clinical Trials Office staff members can assist you with using these funds.