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Track Patient Visits

Tracking patient activity is crucial to ensuring prompt and accurate payment from sponsors for clinical trials. Most sponsors release payment based on patient enrollment and progress in the study. Trials vary in that remuneration is based on differing milestones. For example, one study may pay when five patients have been enrolled, while another may pay quarterly based on the number of patients enrolled during the previous quarter.

To assist you in tracking your clinical trial, our financial analysts will create a spreadsheet customized for your study. This study-specific spreadsheet serves many purposes, including acting as a tool in:

  • Discussing payment status with sponsors;
  • Performing financial projections based on patient participation;
  • Invoicing sponsors; and
  • Documenting actual costs and data that can be used for budget projections for future studies.

The patient tracking form you fill out for HJF triggers the billing process on your study. Because it is the document that enables payment, the patient tracking form must be updated and sent to HJF in a timely manner.