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Consulting Agreements



The procurement regulations under Uniform Guidance will go into effect on 10/1/18. For more information on UG, please review the material on this site. These updates cover the major points that will most affect the HJF community.

The information below provides guidance on engaging independent consultants to work on your award. These individuals and organizations typically offer professional services or technical advice under a written agreement for a limited period of time. The relationship is distinct from that of an employee or vendor.

A CONSULTANT may be an individual and is a type of Contractor (Vendor) paid through a Consulting Agreement and/or Purchase Order. In general, a Consultant’s:

1. Deliverables may be intermittent throughout the project, may not be clearly defined, and similar work is performed by that Consultant commercially on a routine basis;

2. Fees may be based on an hourly or daily rate which is provided and explained in a Consultant rate proposal;

3. Services are on a “work for hire” basis and all intellectual property or copyrightable rights are assigned to HJF by the Consultant.

A Consultant is a non-HJF employee tasked with providing subject matter or technical expertise in support of a sponsored research project. As a general rule, the activities performed by a university faculty member who is named as an individual Consultant in a proposal must fall outside of the individual’s normal academic duties. They cannot make use of his/her institutional facilities, personnel or students. IF THESE CRITERIA ARE NOT MET, then the faculty member’s home institution should appear as a Subrecipient in the HJF Proposal rather than listing the faculty member as an individual Consultant.

Establishing a Consulting Agreement

You can establish a consulting agreement through the Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) by following these steps:

  • Enter a requisition in Oracle iProcurement for a “New Request for Services.”
  • Enter “CONSULTING SERVICES” as the expenditure “Category” for the service request.
  • If the consultant's name is not available to select in iProcurement as a possible supplier, check "New Supplier."
  • Attach the completed HJF Form 404 "Employee vs Independent Contractor Determination Form", HJF Form 409 (Consultant Information Form) to the requisition.
  • Attach a Statement of Work for the work to be performed by the consultant, the budget, the justification for selecting the particular individual as a consultant, and the consultant’s CV and contact information.

Consultant agreements have the full HJF G&A indirect cost rate and any applicable overhead rate applied. The HJF Subaward/Subcontract Overhead Rate is NOT applied to consultant agreements.

How long can a Requisition take?

We are working to meet or exceed the following expectations of when an order will be placed after receipt of a complete and accurate Requisition:

Requisition where HJF negotiates terms and conditions with Contractor 

  • New Independent Contractor/Individual Consultant                         15-20 business days
  • New Vendor Contract for Professional Services up to $250k            15-45 business days
  • New Vendor Contract for Professional Services over $250k              30-60 business days
  • Modification to Existing Contract                                                       10-15 business days

What Can Make a Requisition Take Longer? 

  1. Inadequate description of requirements/statement of work, incomplete/missing forms
  2. Negotiation of Intellectual Property, HIPAA, Data Rights and Security, PII, Data Sharing terms
  3. Contractor fails to provide information to substantiate fair and reasonable pricing
  4. Sponsor, HR or Ethics & Compliance approvals
  5. Regulatory review and approval of Human or Animal Subjects
  6. Contractor or program non-responsiveness to requests for information
  7. High Risk agreements (international, for profit subaward, Conflicts of Interest remediation)

Extending the Term of a Consulting Agreement

To extend the term of the consulting agreement beyond its expiration date, submit a requisition in the Oracle EBS iProcurement for a “Modification for Existing Services.” Request an extension, as well as the amount of additional funds, if any, to be added to the agreement, two weeks prior to the expiration date. Also attach a revised statement of work, budget and budget justification to the requisition if applicable. 

Remember that the consulting agreement period of performance cannot extend beyond the end date of the prime award agreement from the sponsor.