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HJF Reports Overview


The HJF Reports are organized by award, project and task numbers. The Award Number is the five-digit number beginning with the number “6” that HJF uses to track the Award. The Project Number is the six-digit number beginning with the number “3” assigned to the Award. Several Projects may be assigned to one Award. The Task Number may be in the format x.xx, xx.xx or xx.x. Many Tasks may be assigned to one Project. Many sub-tasks may be assigned to one top Task. The number of Tasks and use of sub-tasks is determined by the complexity of the Project.

Generally, the reports are updated nightly, unless otherwise noted, and report financial information as of the end of the previous business day.


Award, project and task managers have authority to access most web-based financial reports using an HJFOnline account. Access is not automatic. To gain access, complete Form 369-R and return it to HJF IT Services with the appropriate approvals. Headquarters employees must complete the “HQ Request for Report Account Access” form, which should accompany the new HQ employee’s paperwork.

If you need access to additional reports or need to add authorized users to the reports, prepare and submit Form 369-R: Report Account Access to HJF IT Services. The award, project or task manager must sign the form authorizing the change in access. The user must then sign the Form 366: Confidentiality Agreement before the IT Services team will provide a user log-in for both field employees and headquarters staff.

To obtain a copy of the required forms, you may download them from HJF Online. At the homepage screen, navigate to the Forms Library and select Finance and Reports. Within Finance and Reports, choose Oracle Reports Access (#369R).

The type of HJF project to which you have access dictates which reports become available.

Current Reports

Financial Reports

Budget Summary Reports
Displays the available balance by budget category.
Monthly Expenses & Cumulative Obligations (MECO) Summarizes monthly expenses by budget category and allows the user to choose the month end through which expenses are displayed.
Open Commitments Provides open commitments details. Items are classified as an outstanding purchase order, purchase requisition or supplier invoice.
Transaction Detail Shows detailed expense information for the month or fiscal year. The report allows filtering by expense category.
Yearly Expenses & Cumulative Obligations (YECO)

Displays the expenses broken down by fiscal year, along with Open Commitments and Total Funds Used.

Statement of Account Displays available balances and details for receipts and disbursements for the period covered by the report for education programs, endowments and clinical trials.
Payroll Detail Displays detailed salary charges to projects. This monthly report is updated biweekly. Access to this report must be authorized by the principal investigator.

Non-Financial Reports


Fixed Asset Report

 Lists all “in service” equipment for the project.

Insight Access Report Displays the list of users and their access to the various financial and payroll reports that are published through HJF Insight.
Program Personnel Report Identifies all HJF employees who have had the specified cost center listed on their online time sheet, and as such, have the ability to record time to the given cost center.
Requisition Roles Report Displays the list of individuals in delegated/standard roles in Oracle Procurement under the specified cost center/PTA. The delegated and standard roles are used to determine the approval hierarchy in requisition process.
Reports Due and Outstanding Provides details of Programs reports which are due at various milestones and when they are filed with filter options for past due and due within 90 days.
View Award/Project/Task Consolidates and displays key operational information about a specific award, project and task as entered in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).
Employee Combo Code List Report Allows both time approvers and backup time approvers to view the combo codes for all employees whose time they approve.

Inquiry Reports


Invoice Inquiry

Enables search of accounts payable (AP) invoices by invoice number, PO number, or GL date range, and view invoice-related information as entered in the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Accounts Payable Module.

PO Inquiry Provides a mechanism to look up the HJF purchase orders by PO number or ordered date range, and view purchasing information as entered in the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Purchasing module.
Requisition Inquiry Allows for search of Requisitions by requisition number or requisition date ranges.
Analysis Reports  
Burn Rate Report Calculates an average of the past number of months of expenses and projects spending until the end of the specified period
Rolling Budgets Summarizes the last 6 months-end budget snapshots by expenditure category and displays the variance from month to month.
Rolling Commitments Summarizes the last 12 months-end commitments snapshots by expenditure category.
Summary Variance Analysis Compares Budgets, Expenses to Date, Open Commitments and Available Balances from one reporting period to another and displays the variances.
Personnel Projections Offers users the flexibility to perform “what if” scenarios and determine the impact of adding new positions on funds available