Guide to Services

Award Notification and Setup

When a proposal is funded, a copy of the award document will be sent from HJF. A contract manager or grants specialist will assign a HJF project number and a budget will be entered into the accounting system.

When the budget becomes available, your assigned specialist will contact you with the project number, effective date, expiration date, available budget and restrictions. They will arrange a kick-off meeting with your research team and other HJF departments (e.g. Program Management, Regulatory Affairs, Finance, etc.) to review the award and research plan.

Once the award is set up, access to online financial reports will be available to track various aspects of the project. View quick tips on how these reports can help administer a project.

Preaward Costs

Occasionally, it is necessary for a project to begin before the established start date. Some sponsoring agencies allow costs to incur against the grant or cooperative agreement up to 90 days before the beginning of the project period. A grants specialist will determine if a project is eligible for preaward costs. If the terms of the agreement allow preaward costs, at-risk funding can be requested. This allows expenditures prior to receiving the formal award document.

For at-risk funding:

  • There must be an official written or verbal commitment to an award from the sponsor
  • At-risk funding is limited to an amount of no more than 25% of the anticipated award, less equipment and subcontracts
  • Facilities & Administrative (F&A/indirect) costs are budgeted within this amount at the applicable rate
  • The budget period cannot exceed 90 days
  • There must be a valid justification for preaward costs
  • No-cost extensions may be issued.