Guide to Services

Modify a Budget (Rebudget)


A Principal Investigator may ask HJF to move project funds from one budget category to another (e.g., from personnel to supplies, or equipment to personnel and Facilities & Administrative costs (F&A)) without changing the total project budget amount. This process is called rebudgeting.

To initiate a rebudget request, complete a Project Rebudget Request form (HJF #326) and return it to a contract manager or grants specialist. Alternately, include the information below in an email to a grants specialist.

Be sure to clearly indicate the following on the form:

  • Complete account number
  • Amount to increase and decrease from the respective budget categories
  • Justification for the rebudget
  • The signature of the Principal Investigator or their designee (The designee must have proper signature authority on file with HJF for the requested account and rebudget.)

If sponsor approval is required, the rebudget request should be submitted in writing, along with a justification. A contract manager or grants specialist will obtain the sponsor approval.