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Close, Extend or Transfer an Award


Close an Award

HJF will provide notice before the scheduled termination date of an award. Funding agency requirements vary, therefore the notice will detail the specific activities required for closing the project. Typically, federal sponsors require:

  • Final Progress Report Submit a final progress report (in the format required by the sponsor) to the contract manager or grants specialist, who will forward the report to the sponsor and place a copy in the HJF's award file. If the sponsor does not specify a format for this report, use this template.
  • Financial Status Reports If required, the Finance Department will send the financial report to the sponsor.
  • Equipment Acquisitions If required, the Asset Management Department will send the property report to the sponsor.
  • Patents and Inventions If a "null" report is required, the Contracting Department or Office of Sponsored Programs will send the invention report for review and approval before sending it to the sponsor. HJF's Technology Transfer Office handles all reports of patents or inventions. Specific forms and instructions for reporting patents and inventions are provided below for the following sponsors.

Remaining Funds and M Account

If a project was funded by a private entity, unexpended funds will be administered as stipulated in the agreement with the sponsor. For fixed-price agreements, unexpended direct cost funds will be transferred to an HJF multiple source/private account, called an "M" account. This account can hold unrestricted funds from multiple private sources.

A contract manager or grants specialist monitors the progress of a project and upon its completion will initiate the transfer of the remaining direct cost balance to a new "M" account only if the sponsor agreement does not stipulate that the unexpended funds have to be returned to them. The Finance Department will send a letter stating the balance and new "M" account number. A simplified accounting report detailing expenditures, receipts and remaining balances will be available monthly.

"M" account funds may be used for the following:

  • Education, travel and training honoraria
  • Personnel (temporary support)
  • Office supplies.

Equipment Ownership

Unless otherwise stated in the award document, equipment purchased under an award remains the property of the sponsor during the life of the project. If title vests with the sponsor once a project expires, HJF submits to the sponsor an inventory of equipment purchased under the award and requests ownership/disposition instructions. If the sponsor holds title, the equipment is returned to the sponsor. If the title vests with HJF upon end of an award or if the sponsor agrees to HJF ownership, the equipment becomes the property of HJF. HJF may issue a Proffer of Gift to the researcher's institution. Once the gift has been accepted, HJF will relinquish all ownership rights to the property and the equipment will become the property of the institution.


Employees working on a terminating project may be transferred to other research projects, if appropriate, or the employee may apply for other positions within HJF. In some cases, it is necessary to terminate their employment. Whenever possible, HJF will give the employee a minimum of 30 days' notice, but will try to give 60 days' notice.

In some circumstances, employees whose employment must be terminated at the end of a project may receive severance pay. This pay is charged directly against the contract or grant. Contact Human Resources for specific guidance on severance payments.

As soon as it is known that employment will to be terminated, complete and submit Personnel Action form (HJF Form 220) for each employee concerned. On the form, note the effective termination date. The Human Resources Department will issue a termination letter to the employee.

Extend an Award

If additional time is required to complete a project and there are sufficient funds remaining in the budget, a "no-cost extension" may be made. Most sponsors require a detailed explanation of why the extension is necessary. For prompt sponsor approval, forward a written request to HJF's OSP or Contracting Department. Include the following information:

  • The amount of additional time needed to complete the awarded scope of work
  • An explanation of why the extension is necessary (including why the project is not complete)
  • What objectives will be met during the extension period
  • The amount of the current balance in the account and an explanation of how the remaining funds will be used (justification cannot be "to use up the remaining funds")

Transfer an Award

To transfer an individual contract or grant from another institution to HJF, the other institution must relinquish the original award to the sponsoring agency. Investigators must also obtain prior approval from the original funding agency and from the new site. HJF will then submit a new application, provided by the PI, to the sponsor for support of the remainder of the project.

The transfer of individual contracts or grants from HJF to another institution is allowed with concurrence from the PI's current institution and the sponsor. Transfers of individual projects must comply with all programmatic and administrative sponsor agency regulations. HJF's Contracting Department or OSP is responsible for relinquishing the original award to the sponsoring agency and will provide guidance on the steps required to complete the process.