Guide to Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire personnel for the project?

To hire personnel for your project, you are required to complete and submit a Position Requisition form (HJF Form 211) to the Human Resources department. Click here for more detailed information on how to recruit and hire.

How do I access my online reports and Personnel Projections?

If you are a PI, you can access web-based reports and Personnel Projections through HJFOnline. Once you register, IT Services will contact you with your user ID and password. You should also complete the Confidentiality Agreement (HJF Form 366) if you would like to view detailed payroll information.

If you are not a PI, but would like to access your PI's reports, obtain your PI's approval by completing PeopleSoft Account Access/Signature Authority form (HJF Form 369). IT Services will contact you with user ID and password.

How can I access NIH 398 and 2590 forms and instructions?

You can access these forms and instructions here.

Where do I find HJF's data required for application preparation?

See the Institutional Data page in this section.

Is there a particular format for submitting annual or final progress reports?

Refer to the sponsor's guidelines to see if there is a specific format for writing the progress reports. If there is no specific format, you can use the HJF's guidelines.

Is there a sample format for subawardee/contractor invoices?

Contractors should refer to their agreement to ensure their standard invoice meets all requirements.

How do I arrange for an honorarium payment?

For non-federal awards, submit an Honorarium Request form (HJF Form 316) to the Office of Education and Meetings (