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Progress Reports

Principle Investigators (PI's) are responsible for preparing interim and final reports as required by the funding agency. HJF will notify the PI in advance of when these reports are due. Submit the reports to a grants specialist or contract manager, who will then forward them to the appropriate funding agency.

Reporting requirements for contracts and cooperative agreements are award-specific. Contact your HJF HQ primary administator (contracts, program operations, grants) for details regarding your award. 

NIH Report Guidance

USAMRAA Report Guidance

If a sponsor does not specify a format, here are some general guidelines.

Unobligated Balance on an NIH Progress Report

When declaring in an NIH progress report that a 25% or greater carry-forward unobligated balance is available for a grant, provide the following information:

  • A detailed explanation of why the balance exists
  • How the balance will be spent in the coming year
  • A detailed budget

This will help to avoid a delay in NIH approving the carry-forward balance.