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Proposal Help

HJF will help you through the research-project process with the following templates, checklists and samples:

Proposal Materials:

Researchers interested in submitting a proposal through HJF should contact HJF’s pre-award team in Business Development at 240-694-4016 or email

Principal Investigators (PIs) already assigned a Program Manager in HJF’s Program Operations department, a POC in the HJF Office of Sponsored Programs or Contracting Departments may contact their award POC. Due to the length of time required for the proposal process, it is very important to contact HJF’s pre-award team, your program manager or grants/contract POC early in the process while preparing an application.

HJF’s preaward team, grants specialist or contract managers are available to assist with:

  • Preparing the project budget
  • Ensuring compliance with sponsor application guidelines
  • Reviewing assurances and regulations Acting as liaison with the sponsor. 

PHS Financial Conflict of Interest Requirement

This rule applies to any proposal submission and any new funding received from PHS beginning 8/24/12. Please see details here.

A Note About Terminology

A helpful list of Commonly Used Acronyms in Research Administration is available for proposal preparation.

Grants and Cooperative Agreements

HJF asks for 10 working days of lead time to review each grant proposal and to make any necessary changes. Applications are handled on a first-in, first-out basis.

USU Faculty Submissions

Depending on the USU department, an on-site department administrator may also be available to assist with grant preparation. Please contact the department chair to find out the name of the department administrator.

USU faculty must submit a copy of application documents simultaneously to the USU Office of Research Administration (REA) and to HJF's pre-award team ( In addition to sending a copy of your proposal, you are required to submit the University's forms to REA. Once you submit your application, your specialist at HJF and your representative in REA will review it. Together, they will prepare a list of comments that they will send you by email within three to five days of receiving your application. You will be required to respond to these comments, make any necessary revisions and submit your revised application to both HJF and REA in order for your proposal to proceed through the remainder of the review process.

Once you have made any necessary changes and resubmitted your application, it will go to the director of REA, who may have additional comments. If no further changes are necessary, your application can proceed to a final review and receive "site approval" from USU. Site approval is a statement from USU to HJF affirming that your research may be conducted on-site. HJF must receive site approval before your proposal can be submitted.

Final HJF Review

Note that site approval may be required from an authorized representative at all sites (both on- and off-campus) submitting an application. Following the receipt of site approval and the final original, signed application, HJF will give the application a final review. Once again, there may be additional comments at this stage, so it is imperative that you are available to respond quickly, as this final review often occurs only a few days before the grant submission deadline. When the final review process is completed, HJF will sign as the grantee organization for your application and submit the final version of the proposal.

Contact your proposal or grants specialist at any point in the process to ascertain the status of an application's review. HJF staff will work closely throughout the application process and are available to answer questions and assist with each stage of the review.

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Contract Proposals

To respond to a competitive announcement, contact the Director of Contracting to discuss deadlines, as well as any questions or concerns.

Typically, government contracts are won by submitting competitive proposals in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). The process is similar to grants and cooperative agreements, however, it is often more extensive. Because of the many steps involved in preparing a proposal, time is a critical factor and an early start will increase our chances for success.

Letters of Intent/Pre-proposal

Funding agencies sometimes request a letter of intent (LOI) or a pre-proposal as a means of determining whether the applicant should submit a full application. Usually, LOIs are not binding, nor are they a prerequisite for submitting a full proposal. Both LOIs and pre-proposals may be submitted to the funding agency through HJF. A grants specialist or contract manager can forward the documents to the sponsor with a transmittal letter from HJF.