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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m hiring a foreign national, how long should it take to process the visa?
There are many factors that impact timing – the type of visa, the candidate’s home country, the nature of the role. Broadly speaking, for the H-1B visa, the average time for processing by the government is 3-5 months, unless you pay the premium processing fee. For the J visa, exchange visitors transferring from one institution to another typically required 1-2 months for processing; up to 3 months if they are new to the U.S.

How are salaries determined?
Human Resources conducts a salary analysis at the time of every hire or promotion. We track experience & education as it relates to the required position. The evaluation process includes reviewing other employees within the same classification across the entire organization to ensure fair and equitable pay.

Where do I go to report a complaint if I am not comfortable talking with my Manager?
Employees can always contact the Human Resources to discuss their concerns. Another resource is to contact the Ethics Department in a more confidential resource.

How do I report an incident at work that led to illness or injury?
All incidents should be reported immediately; within 48 hours at the latest. Both the employee and the supervisor will need to complete their respective Incident Forms and send them to the OSH Manager.

Does HJF pay for tuition reimbursement?
Approval for tuition reimbursement comes from the department level. Some departments depending on the funding stream can offer tuition reimbursement while other departments may have it written in to a contract that this is an unallowable cost or simply do not have the budget to sustain such a request.