Guide to Services

Recruit and Hire


The process for recruiting and hiring a new employee is as follows:

  1. Create a position requisition by submitting the Position Requisition Form (HJF #211) to the HJF Human Resources Department along with a position description outlining the requirements of the new employee. HR has standard job descriptions for most positions that can be customized to suit individual program needs.
  2. The Position Requisition must be signed by the PI or hiring supervisor with expenditure authority on the cost center on which the employee will charge his or her time.
  3. Your recruiter will create a job opening and forward it to the appropriate HJF department (Office of Sponsored Programs, Contracting, Clinical Trials, Financial Planning) for budget approval.
  4. Following budget approval, the position will be posted on, DC Jobs,, the Military Spouses Employment Partnership, and To discuss further advertising and recruitment options, please contact your designated HJF recruiter.
  5. Your HR recruiter will provide resumes of qualified applicants to the PI or hiring supervisor for screening. Hiring managers and PIs may also request access to the Talent Acquisition Management system to review and screen resumes.
  6. When selection of a candidate is made, submit a completed Applicant Interview Form (HJF #238) to the recruiter. Please ensure that this form contains the cost center(s) associated with the project(s) the applicant will be working on. In addition, include the name of the time approver who will monitor the applicant's online time and labor recording.
  7. There is a five-day waiting period after a job has been opened before an offer can be made to an applicant. To make an offer to an applicant, the recruiter must have:
    • resume
    • Applicant Interview form
    • job description.
  8. Your recruiter will make a verbal offer over the phone and an offer packet will be sent to the candidate within 48 hours of the verbal offer.

Note: Applicants awaiting visa approval will receive a "pending the approval of your visa" offer letter, as opposed to an offer letter indicating a start date. Applicants awaiting security clearances will receive "pending" offer letters until the outcome of the clearance has been determined.