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Tracking performance concerns can be a daunting task. However, if handled systematically, the documentation process is manageable.

The first step is always providing feedback to the employee regarding areas of deficiency, offering guidance and training that sets the expectations required. Tracking specific deliverables and quantitative work tasks allow for a clear measurement of improvement. If there is not improvement in performance; please reach out to your department’s Human Resources Generalists for assistance with the disciplinary process. The Generalists will assist you in further documentation, verbal warning, written warning, and termination.

When it is determined that the employee will be terminated, use the Request for Personnel Action Form (HJF#220) and check the Resignation/Termination box. Always follow this procedure to separate employees (both full/part time and temporary) from HJF. Indicate the last day worked and a specific reason for the separation.

Note: The effective date should be one day after the last day worked.