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Occupational Safety and Health

HJF is committed to preserving the health, safety and security of its employees. There are specific occupational health and safety guidelines that customers, employees and others associated with HJF are required to follow. The HJF Occupational Safety and Health Management System Guide provides details on many of the requirements.

Medical Surveillance and Training Requirements

HJF may require specific medical surveillance, health care training or credentials as a condition of employment. Medical surveillance may include vaccinations or medical diagnostic tests. Medical surveillance required as a condition of employment will be provided at no cost to the employee.

Occupational safety and health training required by the host institution will also be provided at no cost to the employee. Training costs, if any, will be charged to the grant or project with which the employee is associated.


Incident Reporting

By requiring the implementation of a safety management system, HJF hopes to keep employees as safe and healthy as possible. However, an incident may occur in which an employee suffers an illness or injury related to their employment.

An incident is defined as an unplanned and undesired event that:

  • results in harm to one or more individuals
  • causes property damage
  • has the potential to result in human injury/illness or monetary loss

It is imperative that, whenever possible, all incidents be reported immediately. At the latest, they should be reported within 48 hours of the incident. The reporting actions required by employees and supervisors depend on the severity of the incident. Click here for detailed incident reporting guidelines.

Please complete Employee Incident Form or Supervisor Incident Form and fax it to the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Manager at 240-694-3132.

Job Hazard Assessment and Facility Review


The Foundation periodically meets with employees to conduct job safety assessments of the work performed by the employee. Through these assessments HJF can help identify medical surveillance and training requirements for the employee and determined if the requirements are being meet. HJF will review generally facility safety issues during these assessments. The meetings are coordinated with the employee and supervisor, conducted in the employee’s workspace and generally take less than 30 minutes.

Facility reviews are routinely conducted by the HJF OSH program of space where foundation employees work. Supervisors are expected to ensure workspaces are properly maintained and hazards appropriately identified and mitigated. The HJF OSH program will provide assistance as requested by supervisor or site managers in the identification of hazards and hazard risk assessments.

Requirements of Principal Investigators, Program Managers and Supervisors

Principal investigators (PIs) play a key role in maintaining safe working environments and creating an atmosphere of compliance. PIs must know and follow the safety, health and security requirements, rules, standards and regulations of the host institution and comply with them.

PIs also should provide safety leadership. Key elements include:

  • maintaining safe working conditions
  • inspecting work areas to identify and eliminate or control hazards
  • investigating and reporting accidents and injuries to HJF's Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Manager
  • training workers to both perform their assignments safely and recognize associated hazards

PIs must identify hazardous processes or conditions and notify employees of hazards. PIs and supervisors must ensure appropriate procedures are in place to mitigate hazards to the extent possible. This includes providing training and prophylactic medical surveillance when necessary.

It is important that PIs determine any required medical services in coordination with the host institution's occupational safety and health, clinical investigation, human use, institutional biosafety, laboratory animal use or other authorities. The HJF OSH manager may be contacted for assistance in determining the requirements and solutions.

It is incumbent upon PIs to ensure that employees receive required medical services at the times they are needed. These intervals are generally pre-employment; periodically as required throughout employment, including follow-up services; and upon termination of employment.

Also PIs should determine if the host institution makes available in-house medical and occupational safety and health training providers, or makes allowances for HJF employees under existing contracts for such services.

If the institution requires HJF personnel to obtain their own medical and occupational health and safety training services, the PI should contact HJF's (OSH) Manager for assistance identifying a qualified service provider. Medical and occupational safety and health training services will be charged to the researcher's grant, contract or assigned cost center.

Contact HJF's OSH Manager with any questions about HJF's occupational safety and health program or policies. If the OSH Manager is not available, contact the Human Resources Department at 240-694-4008.