Guide to Services

Purchasing & Reimbursements



HJF has elected to utilize the available grace period for the implementation of procurement standards contained in Uniform Guidance, 2 CFR 200-326, thereby delaying full implementation of the new Uniform Guidance procurement standards until October 1, 2018 or thereafter as noted in this notice.

Staff in HJF's Purchasing and Accounts Payable Departments work to make purchasing and obtaining reimbursement for needed materials, such as equipment and supplies, as easy as possible. The guidelines and instructions in this section are designed to explain the purchasing and reimbursement processes. HJF customers and employees are welcome to contact the Purchasing and Accounts Payable departments directly with any questions.

Purchase Orders Versus Reimbursement Requests

Generally, reimbursement requests are appropriate for non-recurring items under $500 in value, and for services that are the individual employee's responsibility to maintain (such as mobile phones). For other items or services, submit a purchase order through the HJF Finance system. See the Order Supplies and Equipment and Reimbursements pages for more details.

The Foundation has established guidelines to ensure you are expending HJF-administered funds appropriately.