Guide to Services

Purchasing & Reimbursements

Staff in HJF's Purchasing and Accounts Payable Departments work to make purchasing and obtaining reimbursement for needed materials, such as equipment and supplies, as easy as possible. The guidelines and instructions in this section are designed to explain the purchasing and reimbursement processes. HJF customers and employees are welcome to contact the Purchasing and Accounts Payable departments directly with any questions.

Q: Why is the system routing me to ServiceNow when I try to login to create a requisition?
A: When EBS is down, the system will automatically take users to the helpdesk so they can open a ticket, and ideally see a status message that indicates EBS outage. We are working on automating rapid updates to users and appreciate your patience while this is being put in place.

How Long Can a Requisition Take?

We are working to meet or exceed the following expectations of when an order will be placed after receipt of a complete and accurate Requisition:

Punch-Out Requisition                                                                                    1-3 business days

Vendor and products have already been vetted by Purchasing
Requisition where vendor accepts HJF terms and conditions (also referred to as “non-catalog”)

  • Up to $10,000                                                                                     5-7 business days
  • From $10,000.01 to $250,000                                                            10-15 business days
    • Could be shorter if two quotes addressed to HJF provided
  • Over $250,000 (requires RFP; full and open competition)                 30-60 business days

Requisition where HJF negotiates terms and conditions with Contractor 

  • New Independent Contractor/Individual Consultant                         15-20 business days
  • New Vendor Contract for Professional Services up to $250k            15-45 business days
  • New Vendor Contract for Professional Services over $250k              30-60 business days
  • Subawards                                                                                          ~45 business days
  • Modification to Existing Contract or Subaward                                 10-15 business days

Reasons Why a Requisition Maybe Delayed

  1. Inadequate description of requirements/statement of work, incomplete/missing forms
  2. Negotiation of Intellectual Property, HIPAA, Data Rights and Security, PII, Data Sharing terms
  3. Contractor fails to provide information to substantiate fair and reasonable pricing
  4. Sponsor, HR or Ethics & Compliance approvals
  5. Regulatory review and approval of Human or Animal Subjects
  6. Contractor or program non-responsiveness to requests for information
  7. High Risk agreements (international, for profit subaward, Conflicts of Interest remediation)

Did You Know? HJF Guide to Services ( includes links to third-party websites as a convenient resource to find/compare costs.

Purchase Orders

HJF uses the Oracle Financials System to create purchase orders and generate payments. Suppliers must complete a Supplier Information Form and a W-9 (domestic) or W-8 (foreign) certificate to be eligible to accept HJF purchase orders and receive payments. An HJF representative will contact the vendor to complete these forms as needed. More information can be found on the Procurement – Information for Vendors page.

Supplier Services

Services have specific contractual terms and conditions documents that must be agreed upon or negotiated and signed by an authorized signatory for HJF and the supplier. Examples include:

  • Consultant Agreement
  • Professional Services Agreement
  • Professional Services Agreement - Software Programming
  • Speaker Agreement
  • No Charge Contracts for Equipment Evaluation of Supplier Loaned Equipment 
  • Hotel, Banquet and/or Conference Services Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Data Sharing Agreement

Supplier Goods

Purchasing card (PCard) purchases and Oracle purchase order acquisitions incorporate HJF Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions.

Purchase Orders Versus Reimbursement Requests

Most expenditures of HJF-administered funds should be accomplished by entering a requisition in HJF’s procurement system (Oracle EBS iProcurement). This applies to ordering supplies and equipment, as well as paying for any recurring expenses, including FedEx shipping and ongoing services such as cleaning, maintenance and consulting services. Any recurring item and all one-time transactions exceeding $500 should begin as a requisition. These transactions should not be processed via submission of HJF’s Disbursement/Reimbursement Form 334.

Under no circumstances should transactions exceeding $10,000 be initiated with the expectation that the vendor can be paid via HJF’s Disbursement/Reimbursement Form 334. All transactions exceeding $10,000 must be evaluated for open competition and price reasonableness prior to any work being conducted. 

This evaluation is generally conducted when requisitions in Oracle EBS iProcurement are accompanied by a minimum of two competitive bids, quotes or proposals from multiple sources, or a sole source noncompetitive justification and evaluation of price reasonableness. 

The practice of submitting invoices to be paid for work already conducted via HJF’s Disbursement/Reimbursement Form 334 impedes HJF’s obligation to ensure that transactions are conducted in a manner to provide free and open competition to the maximum extent practical.

HJF Form 334 should only be used for low-dollar nonrecurring payments where a purchase order or contract is not feasible. Examples of specific items that will not be processed on HJF Form 334 and should instead initiate as a requisition are:

  • Facility Rent
  • Equipment costing more than $500
  • Subcontracts
  • Consultants and consulting fees
  • Payments to agencies for temporary personnel
  • Recurring payments for supplies, service agreements/vendor contracts: lawn service, cleaning services, maintenance, etc. 
  • Meeting expenses such as payments to hotels and caterers. 

HJF Accounts Payable staff will notify Research Administration and Program Operations of all actions over $500 improperly submitted with a HJF Form 334. These exceptions will be reviewed by HJF and may result in corrective action plans being implemented. 

Reminder: HJF Accounts Payable staff cannot process invoices that are not made out to HJF.  Please ensure that invoices are addressed to “The Henry M. Jackson Foundation.”  If you receive an invoice with a shipment, please ensure that it is made out to the correct institution, and then forward to HJF Accounts Payable electronically via

How to Make Purchases With HJF


Tool or Form to Use

Ordering supplies and equipment

Enter requisition in Oracle EBS iProcurement

Ordering ongoing services (such as FedEx shipping, cleaning, maintenance and consulting services)

Enter requisition in Oracle EBS iProcurement

Any recurring item

Enter requisition in Oracle EBS iProcurement

All one-time transactions exceeding $500

Enter requisition in Oracle EBS iProcurement

Cash awards to HJF employees

HJF Form 230 – Award Request Form

Honorarium payments to guests

HJF Form 316 – Honorarium Request

Expenses for POV mileage

Oracle EBS iExpense OR

HJF Form 322 – Travel Expense Report

Low-dollar nonrecurring payments where a purchase order or contract is not feasible

HJF Form 334 – Disbursement/ Reimbursement  Form


When entering a requisition, any new vendors (domestic or international, companies and individual consultants) must be qualified before the requisition can be processed. To expedite a requisition with a new vendor, you can alert HJF Purchasing staff members prior to entering the requisition by sending an email to or with the subject line “new vendor.” The email should include the vendor's name, address and contact information (phone and email). HJF staff will contact the vendor and enter the new vendor into the iProcurement system once the vendor has completed the appropriate paperwork.

In the event a requisition was not previously entered for goods or services already invoiced, and you intend to submit the (less than $10,000) invoice via the Form 334, follow these steps:

  • Contact your HJF primary analyst and inform them of the situation
  • Include a full explanation as to why the procurement was not handled with a requisition and what corrective action will be taken to avoid this situation in the future.

If you need assistance with entering a requisition, contact the HJF Purchasing Department at 240-694-4009 or send an email to Staff members will assist you with access to and training on the requisition process. Additionally, HJF offers instructor-led training on various financial topics, including iProcurement and requisition entry. To view a schedule of classes, log on to HJFOnline and click on the Learning Center under the Employee Quick Links on the homepage. For any other questions, contact the Purchasing Department at 240-694‐4009, or Accounts Payable, 240-694‐4032,

HJF Ethics Reporting Hotline 

The HJF Ethics Hotline (866-687-2321), or

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a supplier be inactive?

While other reasons may exist for why a supplier is marked as inactive, the most common reason for this is based on the fact that HJF has not done business with the supplier (indicated by POs/Invoices/Payments not being created for the supplier) in 2 or more years.

Can I request that an inactive supplier be re-activated and, if so, how do I do that?

Inactive supplier can be re-activated but, due to the possibility of changes to their address/banking/business information, the same forms that are used for new supplier creation are required to be completed and submitted to

Where can I find potential suppliers for comparing costs?

Links to third-party websites can be found on the Tips for Purchasing page.