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Material Transfer Agreement

The staff in the HJF Technology Transfer and Commercialization office encourages scientists and private industry to collaborate on research and development projects with an eye toward protecting intellectual property through patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets, and creating successful commercialization strategies that ultimately benefit the public. Our customers include researchers at various military research facilities and HJF programs.

Uniformed Services University (USU) and HJF established the John W. Lowe Joint Office of Technology Transfer (JOTT) to administer the transfer of technologies developed at USU and to facilitate collaborations among researchers at USU, HJF, other universities, and private industry.

The HJF technology transfer staff will negotiate the following agreements on behalf of the scientist:

  • Material Transfer Agreements to outline the permissible terms, conditions, and research protocols for the materials being transferred between the parties
  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements to work with private industry to accelerate the commercialization of technologies and optimize resources
  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure proprietary information shared by the parties is restricted from public use
  • Inter-Institutional Agreements to outline management terms and conditions of jointly owned technologies.

The principal service provided by HJF to protect research results is filing and prosecuting patent applications on inventions. An issued patent will prevent competitors from making, using or selling the novel innovation. HJF helps protect inventions by:

  • Assisting in the preparation of the invention disclosure form
  • Evaluating invention disclosures
  • Conducting a patentability review
  • Inviting USU inventors to present their invention to the Joint Patent and Technology Review Group (JPTRG) at monthly meeting (held the second Wednesday of each month)
  • Inviting HJF inventors not at USU to present their invention to the Technology Commercialization Committee
  • Coordinating patent filing and prosecution with outside patent counsel
  • Assuming all costs associated with patent filing and prosecution.

HJF actively markets USU and HJF technologies and patent rights to potential licensees so scientific ideas can be further developed into viable products and services to benefit the public.

HJF will assist with the marketing and licensing by:

  • Conducting a marketability assessment
  • Marketing the technology to potential licensees
  • Negotiating license agreements
  • Monitoring licensee performance
  • Collecting and distributing royalty payments.

A portion of royalty payments from licensed technologies is distributed to the contributing inventor(s) each fiscal year based on federal statutes. Inventors who are federal employees cannot receive more than $150,000 per year for all inventions unless an exception is approved by the President of the United States. Inventors who are HJF employees are subject to the same $150,000 cap. A share of any royalties received by USU for inventions created at USU, historically, is distributed to the department or laboratory in which the invention originated.

If you have technology transfer, commercialization or intellectual property questions, please contact us.