Guide to Services

After Travel


Federal travelers should submit the required government travel expense reports (e.g. DD Form 1351-2) to the appropriate federal site office.

HJF travelers must submit a Travel Expense Report (HJF #322) within 10 days of return regardless of monies due or owed. HJF's Travel Office can assist with any questions.

The following are some general guidelines for completing a Travel Expense Report.


  • Receipts are required for reimbursement of expenses of $75 or more.
  • Receipts also must be submitted for all major travel expenses including air and rail, hotel, car rentals and registration fees.
  • Monthly credit card statements alone are not sufficient documentation.

Original receipts, rather than photocopies, should be provided whenever possible. However, if the receipt is lost, contact the vendor and request a duplicate or photocopy. If a duplicate or photocopy is unobtainable, submit with the Travel Expense Report (HJF #322) a written, detailed description of the expense incurred, along with a signed statement that the receipt was unobtainable and that reimbursement will not be obtained from another source.


Submit receipts to be reimbursed for lodging expenses regardless of the amount.


Meals are reimbursed up to the federal government per diem rate (domestic or foreign). If some of the meals were provided by the conference, reduce the per diem rate accordingly.

Meal Per Diem for Travel Days

Seventy-five percent (75%) of the appropriate meal and incidental rate is paid for the day of departure and the day of return, regardless of what time the traveler departs or returns. For single-day travel longer than 12 hours, but not exceeding 24 hours, 75% of the meal and incidental rate is paid.


Travelers are entitled to reimbursement for transportation expenses in and around the travel destination, as well as between home and airport. If the traveler's own vehicle is used to get to the airport, use the U.S. Government POV mileage rate. Receipts are required for parking, taxis and rental cars if the cost is greater than $75.

Airport parking will be reimbursed up to the satellite or daily parking rate at the airport of the traveler's outbound flight. Daily parking is designated for long-term parking, while hourly parking is primarily for dropping off and picking up passengers. Justification for any exceptions must be documented on the Travel Expense Report (HJF #322) and approved by a supervisor.


Personal long distance telephone calls will be paid based on an allowance of $5 per day for domestic travel and $10 per day for travel outside North America and Hawaii. The allowance can be claimed on a per diem basis, and no receipts are necessary. Use of a calling card is encouraged, or call collect — both of which are significantly less expensive than hotel charges. Travelers will be responsible for personal telephone calls in excess of the per diem.

Meeting Registration

Meeting registration expense receipts must be submitted to be reimbursed.

The Travel Expense Report (HJF #322) must be signed by the Principal Investigator or other authorized personnel with signature authority. Forward the completed, signed form, along with the receipts, to HJF's Travel Office.