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Local Travel


Local seminars or conferences not requiring an overnight stay do not require the prior submission of the Travel Request/Authorization form. Reimbursement for these expenses shall be submitted directly though HJF Internet Expenses for employees. For non employees, expenses can be submitted using a Travel Expense Report (HJF #322). Travelers must document each trip by including a brief justification of the purpose and, if available, a conference or meeting agenda.


Privately owned vehicle (POV) expenses to and from the training site will be reimbursed using the HJF current rate per mile to the extent that the distance from the trainee's home to the training site exceeds the mileage of the traveler's normal commute.


If training (including conferences) is longer than six hours, lunch expenses will be reimbursed at the lunch per diem rate for that area. If lunch is provided by the training facility, then no reimbursement will be given.

Overnight Accommodations

If the training site is more than 50 miles away from home, overnight accommodations may be authorized at the discretion of the Principal Investigator or project authority.


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