Guide to Services

Government Employees (other than USU)

USU-billeted employees read Travel for USU personnel using HJF administered funds.

All federal government employees who travel on HJF business must have approved government travel orders and must comply with federal government travel policies concerning payment from a non-federal source for travel expenses. Travel orders and approval of the HJF Travel Request/Authorization form (HJF #321) should be obtained prior to commencing travel. This form is used for purposes of travel approval and estimating expenses.

In general, government policy prohibits federal government personnel whose travel is supported with funds administered by HJF from receiving direct cash reimbursement from the Foundation. There are two primary ways that HJF can pay for a federal employee’s travel and still be in compliance with federal regulations:

  1. The traveler can receive a travel advance and reimbursement from their federal site, and HJF will pay the appropriate federal agency upon receipt of a Travel Expense Report (HJF #322), accompanied by a paid travel expense report (DD Form 1351–2).
  2. HJF can pay specific expenses such as airfare and hotel (to include meals eaten at the hotel) directly to a vendor (in-kind payment). Under this option, the traveler cannot receive direct reimbursement from HJF to cover meals obtained outside the hotel and out-of-pocket expenses.

The traveler should contact their federal site ethics officer/designated agency ethics official for specific guidelines prior to obtaining travel orders.